English information page

We sell physical releases of Sound of Drop, World End Economica and Katawa-Shoujo, both in English and French.

Our shop can be accessed in English here: http://shop.kawasoft.fr/en

Sound of Drop includes English, French and Japanese version. The English version was done by Software Bridgeworks LLC.

Sound of Drop is sold as a DVD in a Blu-ray Disc case (due to artistic choice of the creators), it is sold on our online shop as well for 12€. A limited edition OST CD is also available for 5€.

World End Economica includes both English and French version. The English version was done by Software Bridgeworks LLC.

WEE is sold as a DVD in a Digipack along with an 8 pages booklet for 10€.

WEE demo is available on BitTorrent and Direct download. If you can, please use BitTorrent as it will save a bit of our bandwidth.

Demo torrent : http://kawasoft.fr/wee/WEE-English-Demo.torrent

Demo DDL : http://kawasoft.fr/wee/setup_en_demo.exe

Katawa-Shoujo featured 2 different editions :

– Standard edition (5€) : DVD of the game in a digipack with a 12 pages booklet.

– Collector edition (25€) : same digipack as the standard edition + Katawa-Shoujo French Artbook + Katawa-Shoujo OSTs + a special bag

The collector edition was limited to a hundred copies and will not be reprinted (Sold out).

The DVD is a physical version of the 2013 version (1.1). As a result, it’s not the most current (1.3) version, but it’s multilanguage (it is not French only).

This last version of Katawa-Shoujo, including the French translation, is available for free over at 4LS website.

Finally we also have a few goodies that we collected over the years (most notably some Visual Art’s Key ones). You can check them out on the online shop as well.